8 days - 7 nights aboard the schooner Sigismondo
to discover the  islands of the aeolian arcipelago.

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Cruise programme 2020 - Sigismondo


Live the sea at 360 °, spending a week on a cruise on a beautiful sailing ship Italian, a charming boat characterized by wide availability of livable outdoor spaces and high navigation comfort


Departure SATURDAY: Embarkation and check in at the cabin Saturday at 18.00 at the port of MILAZZO. Return and check out at Lipari in the morning the following Saturday.
Rent a boat with formula 'cabin charter'. Each participant will have a cabin with private bathroom with shower, hot water, air conditioning and clean linen.


1st day Saturday: Milazzo
Welcome to the cruise passengers at the port of Milazzo, by Capt. Felice and his crew. Dinner and accommodation on board the schooner Sigismondo.
Who arrives in advance will be welcomed on arrival and will have the opportunity before boarding, to leave its luggage, to rest and enjoy the good malvasia wine of the Aeolian Islands.

2nd day Sunday:  Stromboli
Breakfast on board. In the morning, departure to Stromboli. Trip around the island and observation of the volcano's eruptive activity from the "Sciara del Fuoco". Stop for a swim and lunch on board. In the late afternoon, possibility of making the ascent of Stromboli (3:30 + 2:30 down), with an experienced guide (obligatory) and admire from the summit (924m) and by night the eruptions of the volcano. Those who do not want to climb can make a stroll to the ancient observatory (0.45 min) and visit the villages. Free dinner. Accommodation on board with the spectacle of the volcanic explosions.

3rd day Monday: Panarea
Breakfast on board. Departure for the island of Panarea, the smallest island of the aeolian archipelago. Navigation around the uninhabited islets of Lisca Bianca, Lisca Nera, Bottaro, Dattilo, Basiluzzo. Stop for a swim in the cove "degli Zimmari". Lunch on board. Stop at the port of Panarea, possibility of making a walk on the Cape Milazzese to  discover of the remains of a prehistoric village. Return on board for dinner and accommodation.

4th day  
Tuesday: Salina
Breakfast on board. Departure for Salina, the greenest from the islands of the archipelago. Tour of the island. Stop for a swim in the beautiful bay of Pollara where were shot many scenes of the film "The Postman" starring Philippe Noiret and Massimo Troisi. Stop at the port of Santa Marina Salina to visit the village. Lunch free. Dinner and accommodation on board.

5th day Wednesday: Filicudi *
Breakfast on board. Departure for the island of Filicudi.  Coastal shipping and stop for a swim at the  "Bue Marino" Cave. Stop at the port of Filicudi possibility to hike to the Cape Graziano to see the remains of a prehistoric village. Lunch, dinner and accommodation on board.

* the island of Filicudi can only be reached if there are at least 6 people on the boat

6th day Thursday: Vulcano
Breakfast on board. Navigation  to reach the island of Vulcano. Lunch on board. Dinner free in Vulcano. Accommodation on board. 

7th day
Friday: Lipari
Breakfast on board. Trip around the island by boat. Navigation  to reach the island of Lipari. Stop on Lipari to see the historic downtown and small narrow streets, the fortress that contains one of the most important archaeological museums in the Mediterranean and  the tiny port of Marina Corta.  Free lunch. Accommodations on board. Departure to Milazzo...

8th day Saturday:  
Breakfast on board. In the morning, end of our services*.

*On the day of departure, the passengers must leave the boat at 09.00 am.


  • The order of the program could vary according to sea meteorological conditions.

  • The escursions on the islands are given for information purposes, but they are free.

  • Captain Felice will book the guide for the ascent of Stromboli, but the excursion (about 28 euros per person) has to be paid on the spot - Climbing to Vulcano crater: 3 euros. °Local taxes from early June to late September.